Virginia Jobs Investment Program

The Virginia Jobs Investment Program (VJIP) provides customized recruiting and training services to companies creating new jobs or experiencing technological change.

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The goal of the Virginia Jobs Investment Program is to support private sector job creation by encouraging the expansion of existing Virginia businesses and the start-up of new business operations in Virginia. VJIP supports existing businesses and economic development prospects by offering funding to offset recruiting and training and retraining costs incurred by companies that are either creating new jobs or implementing technological upgrades and by providing assistance with workforce-related challenges. 

VJIP was created in 1965 as part of the Virginia Community College System’s industrial training program. The program was soon moved to the precursor of the Virginia Economic Development Partnership in recognition that, as an economic development incentive, the program is more closely aligned with economic development than with training. Modifications to the qualifying criteria have been made over the years to stay current with economic trends. For example, in order to support modernization of advanced manufacturing facilities, a retraining program was created for projects that created high levels of capital investment and skills enhancement for existing employees, but not necessarily new jobs. Separate criteria with lower qualifying thresholds have been developed for small businesses in an effort to be more inclusive and support the growth of small businesses in Virginia. In addition to the funding that VJIP offers for new job creation and retraining projects, companies equally value the free consulting services that are provided by the program. Primarily these include facilitating relationships between the company and Virginia’s workforce system partners, but also include introductions to other VEDP services, other state agencies, and help with human resources-specific questions and challenges.


Success Stories


Green Applications – VJIP was an integral part of the initial incentive proposal to attract the NJ company’s new facility and its 323 new jobs to Virginia. Since announcing, the program has assisted the company with multiple recruiting initiatives including a job fair, applicant review and interviews, recruiting ad development, management recruiting assistance, and regional cooperation facilitation. Recent actions involved connecting the company’s HR manager with a nearby company that announced a closing in order to offer job opportunities to dislocated workers before the actual layoff occurs. The company currently employees about 100 people and expects to be fully staffed by the end of 2016.

Malaverio – VJIP is working with this Brazilian food product manufacturer which decided to make Virginia the location for its first US-based facility. The situation is challenging as the company team in place to get the facility started is not familiar with operating a business in the US. VJIP has worked with the company to initialize the operation, supporting the foreign management team in the development of job descriptions, applicant review, and interview processes. VJIP has also facilitated connections within other state departments, local and regional workforce development groups, as well as local professional services consultants. 

McKee Foods – VJIP has supported multiple competitive expansions by McKee over the last 18 years, totaling support for 476 net new full-time jobs and $$118M in new capital investment. Most recently, VJIP played a key role in applicant intake and screening according to the company’s specifications. VJIP also coordinated training resources to meet the company’s needs.


Tim Stuller, Managing Director Regional Action Unit, VEDP