Major Eligible Employer Grant

The Major Eligible Employer Grant (MEE) is a discretionary performance incentive designed to encourage significant capital investment and job creation by Virginia manufacturers and other basic employers, to grow in Virginia, rather than another state or country.

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The Major Eligible Employer Grant Program (MEE) is administered by the Virginia Economic Development Partnership (VEDP) and is governed by § 2.2–5102 of the Code of Virginia. The goal of the program is to encourage major basic employers to invest in Virginia and to provide a significant number of stable employment opportunities by either making a significant expansion to existing operations or constructing new ones. This is a discretionary economic development incentive program in which grants are negotiated and offered to qualified applicants. The program uses the following metrics:

  • A minimum $100 million in capital investment
  • Creation of at least 1,000 new full-time jobs or 400 jobs paying at least twice the prevailing average wage of the locality where the company is located


Program Evolution


Established in 1999 as the Major Eligible Manufacturer Grant, a subfund of the Virginia Investment Partnership Grant, it is now known as the Major Eligible Employer Grant. The original guidelines required eligible companies to have a legal residence of five years in Virginia and the MEE grant was to be paid out over a period of five to seven years beginning in the sixth year after the Secretary of Commerce and Trade approved the grant application. These standards have been relaxed to allow companies that have had a legal presence of three years to be eligible for the grant and the payout now occurs in the third year after the company notifies VEDP that all project metrics have been achieved as set forth in the performance agreement.  


Success Stories


There are no companies currently utilizing MEE grants.


Rob McClintock, Vice President of Research, VEDP